From our family farm to your table: highest quality grassfed beef



Consistency in taste and tenderness

Consistency in taste and tenderness is a highest priority for us. Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We raise primarily the English breeds of cattle-Angus, Herefords and some Shorthorns-and crosses of these breeds. We use a managed intensive rotational grazing system with our cattle, paying close attention to our soils, the forages, livestock performance, and indicator species (earthworms, dung beetles, pollinators, etc.) which are working to build soil organic matter and improve water infiltration and soil microbial populations. We carefully select the choicest beef each week to guarantee the most satisfying eating experience for our customers.




Letting pigs express their “piggi-ness” 

Our pork is raised on pasture and fed a diet of GMO-free grains that we roast and grind right here on our farm. At any given time we have heritage breed pigs, including Berkshires, Herefords, Hampshires, Yorkshires and Blue Butts (a York/Hampshire cross which are one of our favorites) as well as Durocs which are preferred by Bon Appetit Management Company for Case Western Reserve University. Pork raised on pasture where pigs have the opportunity to express their “pigginess” have a completely different flavor-they are NOT the other white meat.




Delicious lamb is grown on grass

We partner with an experienced shepherd who raises Shropshires, a very meaty breed with a rich flavor.  He too follows a natural method of growing lambs on pasture by keeping in sync with their innate breeding tendencies. The lambs are grass-finished, never getting any grain which results in a delicious mild-tasting meat with a pleasant mouthfeel.




Growing poultry and farmers, one bird at a time

Our meat chickens and turkeys are raised by Merlin Yoder, our main farm employee as his stand-alone operation. Merlin has worked for us about six years and wants to be a farmer. He’s built himself a mobile brooder/chicken house that he moves around his pasture at home. He purchases the birds, buys the GMO-free feed from us and we buy back from him about half of his production; the remainder he sells to Crosswinds Grille. This allows him to make a nice profit that he can use as a launching pad for his own future. He also raises 8000 heads of garlic and keeps about a dozen hives of bees.

Egg Production is handled by Ron and Amanda Brannon, a young family with four boys who live a mile up the road. They care for our hens in our mobile coop with our feed. We get delicious eggs to sell and
the Brannons sell eggs to other customers as well, building working capital for their own operation. This has been a truly rewarding experience as we watch their family grow and prosper through this joint