We offer our customers the opportunity to order a la carte, or in bulk. Availability varies by season, but below you can find our product and our order forms. 

Purchasing  beef, pork and lamb by the quarter, half or whole is the best value. Pre-orders are required, average wait times vary depending on the time of year. Pick up directly from the processor or arrange for delivery by visiting the Pick Up and Delivery page.




Item Price
Filets (4/pkg) $25/lb
Porterhouse $18/lb
NY Strip $18.50/lb
T-Bone (1" 2/pkg) $33/pkg
Ribeye (1" 2/pkg) $20.50/lb
Rib Steak (1" 2/pkg) $25-$27
Rib Steak (1.5" 2/pkg) $33-$35
Sirloin strip (4/pkg) $18-$20
Skirt $9.00/lb
Flank steak $16.00/lb
Philly style steak (1 lb) $8.50
Beef Stew Meat (1.25 lb avg)             $7.00/lb
Soup Bones $3-$5/pkg
Oxtail (great for soup) $6.00/lb
Chuck Roast (2.5-3lb) $7.50/lb
Boneless English cut (3 lb) $7.50/lb
Pot Roast $8.50/lb
Beef bones $3.00/lb
Beef Shanks $6.00/lb
Ground beef $7.50/lb
4 thick patties (1/3 lb each) $12
24 quarter lb patties $45.00
Liver, heart, and tongue $3.00/lb
Cheek $8.00/lb


A quarter of a Beef is $4.50/lb and includes processing and a small additional charge for patties and chipping . This is an example of common cutting for a quarter:

  • 4 chuck roasts, 1 English cut, 1 pot roast,

  • 6 rib steaks, 6 T-bone steaks, 2 Porterhouse steaks, 3 sirloin steaks, 1 flank steak,

  • 3 packages of short ribs,

  • 2 rump roasts, 2 top round roasts, 3 stew beef

  • and 40-50 lbs ground beef

  • Heart, liver and tongue, if desired.

The average cost for our quarter beef is about $650. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Create your own package: Mix and match an order totalling $225 and pay only $200.

Not included: Filet, short ribs, chipped beef, hamburger patties, bacon, kielbasa, bratwurst, link sausage, sausage patties, chicken breasts, chicken thighs. Ground beef limit-10lb



Item Price
Pork chops (4/pkg) $11.50/lb
Pork shoulder roasts (2.5-3.5lb)    $7.50/lb
Boston butt and picnic cut On request
Spare ribs (2.3lb-3lb pkg) $18-$22 per pkg
Western ribs (more meat) $10.00/lb
Breakfast patties (6 patties) $11.50
Hot Italian large links (1-1.75lbs)            $7.50/lb
Sweet Italian links (1-1.75lbs)    $7.50/lb
Salt/pepper/sage (bulk) $7.00/lb
Ground pork - no seasoning $6.50/lb
Smoked Ham (4-5 lb avg) $8.00/lb
Bacon $11.00/lb
Kielbasa (5/pkg) $10
Bratwurst (4/pkg) $8


Side of pork cost $4.50/lb by hanging weight, and includes processing and smoking. Common cutting example:

  • 6 pkgs ground pork, 7 pkgs hot Italian sausage,

  • 2 pork shoulder roasts, 2 city chickens,

  • 1 full rack of ribs, 1 large pkg western ribs,

  • 19 3/4" chops,

  • 8 pkg bacon,

  • 2 smoked ham steaks, 2 smoked hams



Item Price
Leg of lamb-bone-in        $15.50/lb
Boneless leg of lamb   $17.00/lb
Loin chops $17.00/lb
Leg chops $17.00/lb
Shoulder roast $8.00/lb
Lamb stew $10.00/lb
Ground lamb $10.00/lb
Lamb shanks $8.00/lb
Lamb bones $3.00/lb
Heart, liver, tongue $3.00/lb


Whole lambs are available and sold by hanging weight. Lambs include:

  • 2 boneless/bone-in legs,

  • 1 shoulder roast, 1 pkg shanks, 5 pkgs stew,

  • 9 pkgs loin chops (36 total)

  • 4 pkgs ground

Custom cuts are available for $7.00/lb and includes all processing.


Item Price
Whole chickens $4.75/lb
Breasts (2/pkg) $11.00/lb
Thighs (4/pkg) $10.00/lb
Drumsticks (4/pkg) $7.50/lb
Stock bones (avg. weight 3.5lbs)     $2.50/lb
Livers/hearts/gizzards $3.00/lb

Other Products

Item Price
Eggs $4/dozen
Grassfed Cheese (various types, 8 oz. package)      $5/pkg
    Smoked cheddar
    Colby longhorn
    Hot Pepper Jack
    Sharp Yellow Cheddar
    Mild White Cheddar
    Monterey Jack
    Smoked Hot Pepper Jack
Maple Syrup (quart) $18.00
Maple Syrup (half gallon) $34.00


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