Miller Livestock Co., Inc.
Quality Grass fed Beef and Lamb
          Pastured poultry, pork and eggs
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Cows on grass down the road on the "finishing" field.
We sell beef by the piece, quarter, half and whole. To see what we have in stock, check out the "what's available" page on our website then visit us at the farmer's market or place your order for delivery in Cleveland by email.. For more information, please contact us.
AVAILABLE NOW- $928.75--1/4 beef-7 Tbones, 2 porterhouse, 6 rib, 3 sirloin, 1 flank, 1 english roast, 5 chuck roast, 1 pot, 2 rump, 2 stew beef, 1 sirloin tip roast, 2 pkg short ribs, 9 chipped steak, 28 pkg ground beef, 93 1/4 lb patties. Optional items-hanger steak, skirt steak, 2 pkgs cheek, heart, liver, tongue, soup bones.  Contact us by phone or email if you're interested.
Generally 1/4 beef weighs about 150 lbs hanging weight (that's how beef is sold in quantity) and would cost about $750.